Monday, April 19, 2010

After The Flood

Jersey got hit hard this winter....lots of snow and rain. Many people lost everything and their images on TV made me cry.

Then it happened to me and I wasn't sad, per se, but mad.
Mad that I had accumulates so much junk and now had to sift through it and decide what to with it all.

I had hoarded craft "stuff"". I truly feel I could have opened a store. Well, maybe not a store but rather a least taught a class of some kind. Yeah, I could have done something

But no, I had held on to things I couldn't part with. No card or project was worthy of "that special" button, stamp, flower, or paper.

WOW! I held back from giving in order to save it for some highly honored occasion or person.
Did I have high hopes of becoming a contender in the stationary world or something? Was I waiting to make something for the President?... (actually I did make him a card after 911, he sent me a thank you and a picture).

So now, I have let go.

I let go of trying so hard to make things go my way, let go of over achieving (and if you knew me better, you would realize how big a feat that is), I have let go of worrying about what I should do next.

The flood came and forced me to realize that only God decides what I need to do.
I just have to pray, wait and listen.

The funny thing about all of that is: that while we where away skiing and the flood water were invading my hobbit hole ( a term of endearment my husband has for my craft studio) back home, I was up in Vermont making Artist Trading Cards (ATC) .
One of which was called "pray, wait and listen"

The listen part is "You are holding on to tight, let go.... I got you"

Now the birds are singing and I will just enjoy them and occasionally sneak a picture.
Will I make cards/tags? Yes, those which God calls me to make, when He calls me to make them.
Will I continue to take pictures, yes but not to HAVE to make a business out of it.....just for pleasure.
The flood has gone and I have some re-building to do. In my home and in myself.

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