Sunday, March 14, 2010

Observing the Sabbath

A Day of Rest....

Ok so to say that as a mother of four life is not easy, is a big understatment. But I will say that being a mother at all is not easy. I mean you must, to some degree, die onto yourself. Whether you have one child or ten, your time is not your own. Your kids tell you all the time "oh mom...just relax" Ususally in response to " please clean your room, take out the trash and paint the garden fence" Really? I mean what kid has time to do of that? They are wound as tight as we are! Or is that just me and my kids?

Sometimes I feel I have lost the ability to relax. Right now, the house seems to be somewhat in order and quite. The husband is out food shopping. Yet, I am constantly looking at the clock, what is it that I HAVE to do next? What should I be doing? My whole life is planning the next step. The kids will need to be fed, then cleaned-up, then taken somewhere, but before I do that I have to plan the next meal. I am always about planning the next meal...

The thought of actually taking a day to rest is not really possible is it? Even if we didn't work a paying job can women really take a day off?

Well...... when it snows, or the power goes out everything has to stop, in New Jersey anyway.
This winter was wonderful in that regard! Lots of snow and peaceful nights. The kids get to see a normal and mellow woman with no agenda for the day. Candles, a fire, hot chocolate and a pedicure with my girls.

Time stands still and for a mom that is golden! Thank you God for me, myself and I. Life is good when you can breath out.
The work is always there waiting, take time to rest observe the Sabath.

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  1. I want to come home and have a pedicure with my mama! and some hot chocolate too! With real whipped cream please.

    besitos mama