Sunday, March 14, 2010

Salut from Montréal!

Salut mes amis! How are you!?

Just doing a quick post about a recent trip to Toronto! My friend and I traveled all by our lil selves on a four and a half hour train from Montréal to Toronto to attend a Living Proof Live event! Now, I do have  so much to say about  the big fluffly bounteous bundles of LOVE that were so present and comforting and protective and inspiring at that conference. This chitlin must admit to you though, that she has a paper due at 10 a.m. sharp in dowtown Montréal tomorrow morning. (Yes, we students are made to personally hand in our papers to our wonderful professor. Please note I say that with the utmost respect but maybe just an itty bitty pinch of sassyness)

But about the conference! We were both seriously blessed by the Lord to be able to attend! My friend and I won two tickets to the event and oh mah. Was it awesome, was it amazing, was it moving. Encouraging, passionate, inspiring, uplifting, eye opening-God is so good and so faithful! And of course Ms. Bethie was so cute and just so into it. Her passion for the Word is infectious. My friend and I were so close to Ms. Beth as she spoke! Mon ami, it was so much fun.

Now I really must go finish mon papier.
I have one little picture of worship from the conference and that's basically all I was able to take! This little biddie was listening and singing and smiling with everything she had! My lil beat-up, bruised camera was taking a wee rest. And we were both all the better for it.

Our God saves!

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  1. I am so glad you got to go,! how did all came together so fast? And then how you were protected by some moms.
    But tell me what was the main message, Beth usually has one simple theme and expounds on it sooo well. Do share!